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We are officially HALF WAY THROUGH 2021! You know what that means I NEED TO POST SOME OF MY FAVORITE KDRAMAS OF THE FIRST HALF OF 2021! Unlike, my lists that I do for the entire year (TOP 11 KDRAMAS OF 2020), there is no total number of dramas I am going to try and get too. I am just going to list some of my favorite Kdramas. My list will also not have any order. Just because something is higher in my list doesn't mean I liked it more over the other. This is just a list of Kdramas I liked and would recommend to watch if you have not seen them yet. This list might change by the end of 2021 but it also might not, WE WILL SEE! This list also is the Kdramas that I completed in the first half of 2021 (January to June) so it does not just mean these Kdramas had to premiere and air in 2021. It will also not include any Kdramas I have completed this month (July) because this month is in the 2nd half of 2021. If your favorites aren't on the list, it either means I haven't watched them yet (like MANY 2021 dramas) or they might not have been my favorite. Whatever Kdramas I watched and were my favorite in the first half of 2021 will be on this list.



Episodes: 16 (NETFLIX)

I just had a lot of fun with this drama. There is A LOT to love about it. You got FOUND FAMILY! I got SUPER attached to all the characters so I felt ALL THE EMOTIONS with this one. The acting was top-notch. It being a kdrama about super powers and all that comes with that, I thought it was unique and just WELL DONE! The relationships in this drama were lovely. I thought the message that came with it was GREAT!

Episodes: 16 (iQIYI)

This one surprised me. I am not one for comedy. I have a weird sense of humor so I don't like most comedy when it comes to dramas. THIS KDRAMA WAS DIFFERENT! The comedy in this drama WAS *CHEF'S KISS* 😘! I laughed so much when watching this drama. The chemistry between the main three characters was great and made this drama so fun. I did like that the romance was subtle in this drama because I was not a fan on how it was written. The romance didn't take away from my love for this drama even if I did not think it was needed. I know a lot of people have not seen this one because it is not the easiest drama to access BUT IF YOU DO HAVE ACCESS TO IT - TRY IT OUT!

Episodes: 16 (iQIYI)

I liked this drama A LOT MORE than I thought I was going too. THE MAIN COUPLE WAS EVERYTHING WITH THIS DRAMA! There was little angst and THE COUPLE COMMUNICATED! It was a refreshing take on a romance kdrama. The couple had CHEMISTRY! It was a simple and generic romance kdrama. Nothing new but that doesn't mean bad. I also liked that this romance drama brought up other societal issues with its supporting characters. This drama was a quiet and enjoyable watch. It definitely will be a comfort watch for me in the future.

Episodes: 16 (VIKI/NETFLIX)

HANDS DOWN - ONE OF THE BEST CRIME KDRAMAS I HAVE EVER WATCHED!! It is really just a gem in the crime kdrama genre. It kept me guessing until the end. I became invested in the story and the characters within the story. The acting WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD! The story and mystery grab you and doesn't let go until the very end. The story had all the emotions. Everything from sadness to anger to happiness. The characters took that emotional rollercoaster and you were along for the ride. IT WAS JUST AMAZING!

Episodes: 16 (VIKI)

As I have said MANY TIMES, I am a SUCKER for revenge stories. TAXI DRIVER GAVE US THAT IN SPADES!! You cheered when the victims got justice and the bad guys got what was coming to them. The action scenes were terrific. It was just exciting from start to finish. I LOVE THE OSTs. What I thought was very special about this drama is that they pulled real stories from the headlines and used it for the episodes. The drama spoke up about societal issues and used their platform for something good. The PSA messages at the end of each episode was impactful and just spoke a lot about the production of this drama.

Episodes: 16 (NETFLIX)

Like many dramas on this list already, this drama used its platform to discuss real life societal issues. When a drama does that, that will always be a good thing to me. This drama was not only an exciting crime drama but also was a character study. I love a good ensemble cast drama AND THIS ONE WAS MEMORABLE! The cast was rich and their talent came out in this production. You cheered for the law students and their goals. You became attached to characters and wanted them to overcome their problems. You also on the surface wanted to solve the crime. There were layers with this drama and I got attached to all of it.

Episodes: 16 (NETFLIX)

I NEVER PREDICTED THE ENDING OF THIS DRAMA and that is always a plus for me. I love when a drama can surprise me. I liked that this was a crime drama but also was a female centered drama. You like makjang dramas - WATCH THIS DRAMA! There were also some groundbreaking things in this drama that I can't say due to spoilers BUT I LOVED IT! The cast was talented and showed their talent with this story and script. I did want the story to do more with some characters BUT I WAS HOOKED EVERY WEEK WITH THIS KDRAMA!


A MAN IN A VEIL (2020)

Episodes: 105 (VIKI)

There are 2 reasons why this Kdrama is an honorable mention. IT IS THE FIRST DAILY DRAMA I HAVE EVER COMPLETED WATCHING! That is a feat within itself so it deserves to be on this list. Second, I JUST HAD A FUN TIME WATCHING IT! I never would have completed it without the group of people I watched it with. It was so fun to comment and yell with a group of people who were also watching this drama. I am sure it is not the BEST daily Korean drama out there but it will always have a special place in my heart. I just had A LOT of fun with this drama and that is why it is an honorable mention.

What were some your favorite Kdramas of the first half of 2021?

Did some of your favorite Kdramas make my list?




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