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LAST, but certainly NOT LEAST...the end of my mini intro "Why I Like..." series. This post is "WHY I LIKE THAI DRAMAS!" Now I have to preface that Thai dramas are relatively new to me and I am EXTREMELY bias on why I like Thai dramas because I have only seen BL (boys love) Thai dramas AND even with those dramas, I have only seen a handful of them. I really only started watching Thai dramas in the last 2 years or so. There are many I have not seen and I want to branch out and see other genres and themes.

UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN - My favorite Thai Drama

1) HANDSOME ACTORS/BEAUTIFUL ACTRESSES. At THIS POINT, you guys know this is a given and I don't need to say anything about it.

2) SKINSHIP/VARIETY OF RELATIONSHIPS. Thai dramas are another country in drama-land that have a lot of physical contact between their couples. Everyone is very comfortable with each other. It just nice to see Skin-ship because that is real life and the reality of being in a relationship. I am EXTREMELY bias so I have only seen Gay relationship dramas BUT Thai dramas are the most open and accepting of doing these types of dramas. I appreciate that a lot because AGAIN it is the reality of many people in the world who are gay and want to see their type of relationship playing out on screen. Thailand sort of pioneered this genre as well so it has been nice to go back to older dramas and watch how it has grown and changed through the years. It opened the door to have that discussion and for future dramas to be made. Thailand also has heterosexuality relationships in these dramas and others as well. It just gives screen time for all types of relationships which I love.

3) COUPLE CHEMISTRY. Because Thai Dramas have lots of Skin-ship and the actors seem comfortable with each other, the chemistry of everyone comes off the screen. The couples just have great chemistry with each other, some even having chemistry in the first scene they have. For the audience, having good chemistry allows us to immerse ourselves more into the story and to enjoy the drama even more. The actors literally set our screens on fire because the chemistry between them is SO GOOD!!

4) GOOD BINGE - WATCH. The last 3 reasons and others that I list in this post MAKE THAI DRAMAS AN EASY BINGE! I know that once I start a Thai drama, it is sort of hard to watch anything else. People become immersed in the story and become attached to the characters. I need to see who becomes a couple and how all of their relationships play out. Every time I watch a Thai drama, I tend to drop everything else I am watching and binge it HAHA! For this reason, If I know I need to watch something else or I am watching too many dramas at once, I tend to avoid Thai dramas because I know I will only watch that one Thai drama until I finish it.

MY ENGINEER - Thai drama that I am currently watching that I am liking

5)SOCIAL MEDIA INTERACTION. There is a lot of social media interaction from Thai actors and actresses. Whether is it going live and talking to fans or just posting pictures, there is a lot to consume. I love that! Even when a drama is over, a lot of the casts will get together or just the couples from that drama and take pictures or go live on social media platforms to talk to fans. Because a lot of the actors/actresses remain friends after the drama ends, fans get pictures and continuous interactions to enjoy.

6)REALITY OF A GAY RELATIONSHIP. As I said above, Thailand sort was the pioneer with showing gay relationships in their dramas. A lot of the early gay relationship dramas did not have happy endings because of the time it was shot and aired. Nowadays, that may be different BUT a drama can still show the struggles that these couples face. I like that they sort of treat gay couples as normal couples because they still might have regular issues that pop up in their relationships that can easily be in a heterosexual relationship while other issues are just issues that gay relationships have. It allows to audience to be exposed to these types of relationships and hopefully accept them more. Thailand can show how hard it might be to be in these types of relationships...again showing using a drama platform to discuss societal issues which is always a plus or.

7)EPISODE COUNT. Now just speaking for the Thai dramas that I have seen, most of the dramas don't go over 15 episodes. An easy number to digest and to enjoy. I know other Thai dramas such as Lakorns may have a higher number than that BUT this number is just for the dramas I have watched. Anyways, the episode count is a positive factor on why I like Thai dramas and why you should check some out.

8)VARIETY OF COUPLES/MULTI COUPLES TO ROOT FOR. Usually in the Thai dramas that I have watched, there are multiple couples who are exploring and discovering their relationship. This allows you as an audience to have multiple couples to root for and also a variety of couples to root for. Some people might like the main couple or a side couple more. You get to watch these couples meet, discover things about each other, explore their feelings for each other and eventually (hopefully) get their happy ending. These couples are also so different from each other so it also allows the drama to discuss multiple issues in one drama because the variety of couples.

9)ESCAPISM. As with every other country, I watch Thai dramas for entertainment and to escape the stress of my life. I do need to check out some Lakorn though...I've heard very interesting things about them.

WHYRU? - My first Thai drama ever




Why do you like Thai dramas? Have you ever watched a Thai drama? What are your favorite Thai dramas? What Thai dramas are you watching now?



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