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I did Korean dramas in one blog post and now it is time to talk about all of the other Asian dramas I am excited for in the second half of 2022. Is there a lot of dramas? PROBABLY, knowing me and what I like to watch. Will the dramas come out in 2022? WHO KNOWS, we will just have to wait and see. I know this list is a little late for this year but I still wanted to make it. I made a list for all of the Non-Korean Dramas I was excited for in 2022 which you can read right here. I want to check back on these lists in 2023 to see if I watched these dramas and if they lived up to expectations.

Right now, these dramas say they are airing by the end of the year but you know drama land, WE NEVER KNOW! Sometimes dramas get pushed back or the schedule gets moved around. At this moment, these dramas are rumored to air by the end of the year. WE WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS! This list is just a few that I am looking forward too. Some don't even have premiere dates, posters or teasers so I will be posting posters for some BUT NOT ALL! I will organize this list by country to make it easier. This list is also in no particular order. LET'S BE HONEST - there will be a lot on this list AND I PROBABLY AM NOT DONE YET! I just look forward TO EVERYTHING! 😂



I like both of the leads in this drama. I am excited to see them in historical costume. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS POSTER!! 😂 iQIYi released a couple of trailers for this drama a few months ago and I am not going to lie, they made this drama look good. I hope it isn't a romantic comedy. The trailers make it seem like it won't be but I have been deceived before. I am always up for a big Xianxia story with magic, love and heartbreak. I hope this delivers. I hope my expectations are met or exceeded. We will have to wait and see.

I know I have talked about this drama before. Nothing from when I talked about it before has changed. I am still a fan of both Hou Ming Hao and Zhou Ye. I am curious to see them together a couple. PLEASE HAVE A HAPPY ENDING - people know why I am asking this if you know what these leads have acted in in recent years. 😉 I haven't seen Hou Ming Hao in historical costume in a minute so I am looking forward to that. A lot of this supporting cast I love as well which I mentioned earlier. I am always a sucker for Xianxia genre so you know I am interested in this for that as well.

I don't know much about this drama except for the synopsis and the photos I have seen. I did see one trailer almost a year ago and it looked entertaining. from that one trailer, I don't know if this will actually be entertaining or just cheesy. We will have to see. From the pictures and trailers I have seen; it looks like it has potential. I recognize some of the cast but there is no one I know A LOT that draws me to this drama. I sometimes like that though; I can find new actors/actresses to love. I also like that I don't know much about this drama. I will go in with no expectations if/when it airs.

Another drama that I don't know much about besides one trailer and photos. Now, since Zhang Ling He is part of the cast, I am IMMEDIATELY drawn to this drama. I love him and need more of his dramas in my life. I always love a good historical investigation drama which this seems to be. It is a bonus because this seems to be Xianxia from the trailer but we will have to find out what it is once it airs. I also love those stories were a group of stranger travel together to save the world. I know a lot of the rest of the cast but I don't know if I have watched any of their other dramas so, I am looking forward to learning more about them all with this drama.

This is the Chinese drama remake of the Tdrama Meet Me @ 1006. This Tdrama is FANTASTIC and I highly recommend it. So, I am curious to see how this remake will be. I am going to try and not compare it to the Taiwanese drama but we will see how successful I am with that. I don't know much of the cast so that might be a good thing for me because I am going in with no expectations.

I have no idea with this will air by the end of 2022. It has been on my radar I think since 2021. I know I mentioned it at the beginning of the year. It still looks like it would be a fun concept. Xing Zhao Lin being in it is still what catches my interest in this drama. I hope it is not overly comedic but we will have to see. I still wish he would branch out and do some more serious or high-profile stuff but hey if this is what he wants to do or what offers he gets, he is good at it so, I am not complaining.

Another drama that I know I have mentioned before and I know I have been excited about this drama for a long time. There is just something about Republic of China dramas that I love. You throw in time travel and I am even more curious about your drama. Hu Yi Tian in Republic of China costumes always look good. I wonder if this will have a more serious or rom-com type tone to it. We will have to wait and see. I am curious to see how the time travel all works within this story. I am a sucker for an EPIC romance in a drama too which this drama has that potential.

I know that I am expecting something different from what I am going to get from this drama BUT I am still going to check it out as it airs. I need more William Chan in my life so, I am looking forward to this drama coming out. I am curious how this drama's characters as a firefighter and reporter will play out in the plot, if their occupations have anything to do with the plot at all. I do like a lot of the rest of the cast.

I know I have talked about this drama before in my most anticipated dramas of 2022 post. I just need it to air already. This pairing of Angelababy and Ma Tian Yu just makes me more curious to watch this drama. I just never pictured them together as a couple. I like both of these actors and find their choices in dramas so interesting and diverse. Of course, as I have said multiple times in this blog post, Xianxia dramas catch my attention A LOT so, this drama being of that genre means I have my eyes on it as well. We will see if it airs this year or not.

We all know with Cdrama land dramas could all of a sudden premiere out of the blue or not premiere at all. I will not be surprised if this list is different once 2023 starts.


So, they have added more people to the cast of this drama so, there has been movement on this drama. I have heard premiere dates in both November and December of 2022 for this drama. AS LONG AS THIS DRAMA COMES OUT, I WILL BE OK WITH IT! I am so excited for this new season and I needed it yesterday. It was rumored for the end of 2021 and it never happened. So, I won't believe the rumor until I need an official announcement or trailer or something BUT I HOPE THE RUMOR COMES TRUE! Here is my review for Season 1 if you are curious.


This is another drama that is rumored to air by the end of 2022. I HOPE THE RUMOR COMES TRUE! I loved the first season. If you are a crime drama lover and you have not seen Season 1 of The Victim's Game, YOU SHOULD DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO WATCH IT! There is not even a rumor for a premiere date, just a rumor that it will air in 2022. We will have to wait and see what happens.


I don't know anything about this drama. I just found it on My Dramalist today. I read the synopsis and IMMEDIATELY thought - THIS DRAMA IS FOR ME!! It sounds like the crazy goodness that I love to sink my teeth into. I hope I get access to it with English subs. I don't know anyone in the cast which as I said, I love when that happens because I discover new talents I can follow to other dramas. I really need to make an effort to watch more lakorns.

I have been waiting FOREVER for this drama and it is finally airing in November 2022! This was on my list from last year. Now, do I try and watch it as it airs or save it and binge it once it is done? I probably will not be able to wait and will need to watch it as it airs. This couple were my favorite in the GREAT BL Thai drama Until We Meet Again so, I am VERY excited that they are getting their own drama to explore their relationship further. I AM PRAYING AND KNOCKING ON WOOD THAT IT ACTUALLY AIRS WHEN IT SAYS IT WILL!


I am positive I have left some off and I am sure more dramas will pop up.

What Non-Korean dramas are you excited for in the 2nd half of 2021?

Did you discover any dramas off my list that you are now excited for?

Maybe I should look back at these lists in 2023 and see what I ended up watching and what I liked...Would you like that?




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