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HERE IS THE SECOND PART OF THIS SERIES! If you have not read my first list of Anticipated Kdramas of 2023, you can read it right here. I honestly don't know how many dramas are going to be on this list for 2023. There are a lot of dramas out there that I am sure I have not heard of yet that will come out in 2023. I am not going to include dramas that have already premiered in 2023. I know that is weird because we are almost in March but that is a lot of dramas (especially cdramas) to go back and look at.

Now, this list has to end at some point so, I am not going to put EVERY SINGLE drama I am looking forward too because it will never end. Since I do these types of lists twice a year, I will try and see that I don't duplicate dramas here and for my blogpost I post in June/July. We will see what happens. This list is in no particular order. Some dramas will have posters and teasers, and some will not. All of the dramas on this list are rumored to air in 2023 but as you can see from the list linked on this page YOU JUST NEVER KNOW! I know some of these dramas are repeats from my 2022 list (which you can read here) because those dramas did not air in 2022. Maybe I should start a post for the new year and look back on these lists...ANYWAY.



I am sure a lot of people are looking forward to this drama. It has a lot going for it. The story sounds interesting. The leads are quite popular. I love a good revenge historical drama. I also love a strong female lead. The costumes and behind the scene photos look great for this drama. The behind-the-scenes videos for this drama also show great chemistry between the 2 leads. We also got a mix of historical and a little bit of reincarnation which I am always a fan of.

This cdrama just happens to also star Zhang Ling He who is one of the stars of the drama above. He has become quite popular over the last few years which I am happy to see. He has a lot of dramas waiting to air. Tiger Crane just looks like a TON of fun. The trailers look so good. I love the ensemble cast. There are a lot of actors/actresses involved in this drama that I like. I love a good historical investigation drama.

WE ALL KNOW WHY I AM EXCITED FOR THIS DRAMA! 😂 Yes, you caught me, Allen Ren is in it. I always am excited for his dramas. I also like Song Zu Er who is the female lead of this drama. I have been wanting to watch more of her dramas. This drama sounds like it has a little bit of everything. It has a historical/xianxia setting. it has adventure and fighting. It has magic and fantasy. It, of course, has romance. There is a lot about this drama I like.

This drama looks AMAZING! It looks beautiful and looks like it could have some very nice cinematography. I mean if I get this excited about a drama just from posters and stills, THAT SAYS A LOT! I like the two leads of this drama so; I am looking forward to seeing them act opposite each other. The fight scenes in this drama are going to be EPIC! 2023 is turning into the year of Wuxia dramas so far.

I am a huge fan of The Lost Tomb series. I love those types of adventure dramas. THIS DRAMA LOOKS LIKE IT IS GOING TO BE THAT KIND OF DRAMA! I am so excited for this drama if it turns out that way. I have been missing those type of adventure dramas and need them in my life. Ni Ni and Bai Yu in a drama together is always a plus for me as well.

If you like crime dramas, do yourself a favor and watch Danger of Her Season 1! It definitely explores some hard topics but it is a female centric crime cdrama which is FANTASTIC! I also think that these types of topics need to be discusses so, it was nice to see them in a drama. I was so excited when it was announced that a season 2 was coming. It looks like Season 2 is a new cast but I don't mind that. We will see if this actually airs in 2023.

We got another Wuxia drama here in 2023. This drama has a lot going for it. The cast looks great. The behind-the-scene photos and posters really sold this drama for me. It looks like an adventure/fighting drama which I always like. I already have a few dramas that have premiered in 2023 that I need to watch from this genre. If you know them, you know which ones I am talking about. We also have a group of people who team up to solve cases and mysteries WHICH IS MY JAM!

I know I have talked about this drama before. It just sounds so different and interesting; it caught my eye right away. I hope that it is pulled off well! There is a lot we also don't know about this drama. I guess that makes me even more interested in this drama. We got a little bit of historical mixed with maybe sci-fi or maybe it might be more fantasy...I am really not sure. That is just a weird but curious combo that intrigues me. It definitely sounds exciting and suspenseful.

I am a sucker for historical investigation dramas so, this drama caught my eye. That is the MAJOR reason why I am looking forward to this drama. It will also be a shorter drama which is always nice. I am also intrigued because I don't know any of the cast members. I always like discovering new actors and actresses.


I used to LOVE this anime when I watched it back in the day. I actually have been considering rewatching the anime. So, I am very excited to see that this anime is getting a live adaption. I don't know if it will be good BUT I am going to watch it anyway. Maybe I should rewatch the anime before the live adaption is out. This is rumored to be released in 2023 so, we will see if that actually happens.


This list doesn't even cover like a fraction of what I am interested in. The list had to end somewhere. I don't even know if these will air in 2023. I am positive I have left some off and I am sure more dramas will pop up. I am sure a lot of dramas haven't even been announced yet for 2023. What Non-Korean dramas are you excited for in 2023? Did you discover any dramas off my list that you are now excited for?




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