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This blogpost is late given that it is almost half way through February already. I still want to make these lists though. I am going to start with dramas that are going to start airing in March though. We already know what dramas we are getting in February and I already wrote about those dramas and why I am excited for them. You can read that list here. I am curious how long this list will be because after like May or June, I really don't know what is going to come out except for a few exceptions.


Quickly a few things, I have no idea if all of these dramas will air in 2023. I will put them on this list because it is rumored, they will air in 2023. I will include premiere dates if I know them, but these are subject to change. I will also include posters if they have released posters already. we will see what happens. This list is in no particular order.

PREMIERE DATE: March, 2023

This drama has an interesting synopsis. I love a good sci-fi drama. It also sounds like this could be a violent, survival dramas as well. I am curious how Aliens and students fighting to get some extra points towards grades. I MEAN WHAT IS FLOATING IN THIS POSTER!? This drama looks like it has a nice ensemble cast as well.

PREMIERE DATE: March 3rd, 2023

Netflix is putting out another crime documentary AND I AM SO EXCITED TO WATCH IT! The last documentary Netflix released about a crime done in South Korea was fascinating. The synopsis of this documentary sounds crazy. It seems to be all about leaders who claimed to be prophets and what happened with each of these leaders. I am sure one of these leaders created a cult.

PREMIERE DATE: March 6th, 2023

Oh, the things I do to watch Jang Dong Yoon in a drama. I know Oasis is going to be HORRIBLY sad and I am probably going to sobbing throughout this drama. It looks like this drama takes place during a turbulent time in history. I am excited to learn more about the time period that this drama takes place. I love learning about Korean history through dramas. I know there is going to be some talented acting in this drama. I will just need to get myself emotionally ready for this drama.

PREMIERE DATE: March 11th, 2023

This drama has a lot of things I am excited for. It has a revenge story and I love revenge. It looks like it could have some makjang tendencies. WE ALL KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE MAKJANGS! This drama apparently has amnesia which is one of my favorite tropes for dramas.😂 The cast looks great for this drama. I am curious to see what past this wife has. Was she a spy? She does look like she can fight. Is she running from an abusive husband? I wonder if her husband is hiding anything. Let's face it everyone will have secrets in this drama.

PREMIERE DATE: March 24th, 2023

Let's face it. I am sure I am excited for this drama for the same reason a lot of other people are excited for it. THIS DRAMA IS WOO DO HWAN'S RETURN TO DRAMALAND! He has been missed so; I am excited to see him return. This drama looks like it would be perfect for him. It seems like it could have some emotional scenes but also some comedy. The rest of the cast looks great too. I know it is another lawyer drama which we seem to be getting a lot of those in the last year or so. I am still going to be watching this one.

PREMIERE DATE: March 25th, 2023

Is 2023 the year that I actually finish a 50-episode weekend family drama? I love the cast for this drama. The synopsis sounds good too. I love a good contract marriage trope in a kdrama. I watch daily dramas but tend to finish the ones with a revenge storyline. I want to like the family weekenders. I am going continue to try them until I finish one.

PREMIERE DATE: April, 2023

I know that I am not the only one curious about this drama. First off, we got the return of Park Seo Joon who has not been in a new kdrama in a couple of years. He is paired up with Han So Hee which I think is an interesting pairing. I am excited to see what they do together. Wi Ha Joon is also a part of this cast. We always love to see him in a drama. Something else that draws me to this drama other than the cast is the synopsis of this drama. First off, it is supposed to take place in like the 1940s or even earlier. So, I am curious how monsters will work into that time period. I think that will be a unique take of monsters/sci-fi and this time period will mix.

PREMIERE DATE: April 17th, 2023

WE GOT ANOTHER DRAMA WITH A JANG HYUK AND JANG NARA PAIRING!! We love to see them paired together again. The synopsis also seems like this will be a great drama. Jang Hyuk as a man who leads 2 lives and hiding it from his wife. I wonder how that will work out. I am ready for their chemistry together. I am ready for possibly a badass couple working together to overcome obstacles or just fight against each other. We will have to see but I AM EXCITED for this pairing.


I was sad to see this delayed to later in 2023. I was looking forward to this drama. I love both Kim Dong Wook and Jin Ki Joo so to see them together in a drama was a MAJOR plus for this drama. Then this drama throws in crime. That is another plus for me. ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT, we got time travel. There is a lot of things about this drama that makes me excited to watch it.


I am excited to visit this drama universe again. I am curious to see if this is an entire new story but also a prequel. Or will it be a sequel? I know time travel is somehow involved as well. I like that there is a lot of the cast returning. I also was glad to see that Kim So Yeon joined the cast. I want to know more about her character. I love historicals because of the costumes so, I am looking forward to the outfits in this drama. Apparently, we are getting a season 3 as well which makes me wonder if that season will be in another time period or present again.

PREMIERE DATE: May 15th, 2023

Give me ALL of the dystopian sounding dramas. This synopsis sounds crazy and I am here for it. This synopsis makes me want to watch the Kdrama The Bridal Mask which I have never seen. I am not quite sure why I think of this drama when I read the synopsis of National Death Penalty Vote. Maybe it is the vigilante part of it. I don't quite know. I like the cast for this drama as well. I am curious if this will be a futuristic drama or present day.


I am just a simple person. Like a lot of other people, when I saw that Im Yoonah and Lee Junho were teaming up for a drama, OF COURSE THAT DRAMA WENT ON MY RADAR! I know did for a lot of other people as well. I mean we all saw that performance they did together. We are not blind. I am going to have to wait and see a trailer for this one though. The synopsis reads a little generic for me. I am excited for their pairing though.


Yoo Seung Ho back in a crime drama is always a good thing to me. I actually like all the cast members that have been announced for this drama. The synopsis sounds like it could become a crazy ride. I am curious to see how dark and crazy this drama could get.

PREMIERE DATE: September, 2023

This drama had me at crime and country town. I don't know why but I always love when dark crime dramas happen in small towns in the countryside. The cast for this drama looks great as well. I dropped Na In Woo's last drama so, I am excited to see him in a crime drama because I probably won't drop it.

PREMIERE DATE: September, 2023

THIS CAST!!! It has everyone in it. There are a lot of actors/actresses I love in this cast. This drama will have a GREAT ensemble cast. I saw a short teaser for this drama during one of the award shows and this drama looks BONKERS! It looks like a total makjang and I AM SO EXCITED!


I am positive I have left some off and I am sure more dramas will pop up.

What Kdramas are you excited for 2023?

Did you discover any Kdramas off my list that you are now excited for 2023?




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