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Say it with me...JUST 4 MONTHS LEFT IN 2021. I swear 2021 has gone faster than 2020 did. August seemed to go by in a blink of an eye. Maybe because I was VERY BUSY life wise. Even if I was busy in the month of August, I still managed to finish some dramas and keep my eye on some dramas that are coming out in September. The rest of the year will be interesting in terms of what dramas I'll be watching because I have my eye on a bunch from all the different countries.


Since August was a VERY BUSY month life wise, I didn't finish A LOT of dramas. I did finish some dramas that have been on my plan to watch list FOR A LONG TIME so I am happy about that. I want to keep my current watch list at about 8-10 dramas because that way I don't feel overwhelmed. We will see if I keep that up.

D.P. (Kdrama)(NETFLIX): This drama is IMPACTFUL and will leave you thinking about for days after you finish it. I couldn't score it 10/10 because it was very hard to watch. The topics discussed in this drama were gut-wrenching. The acting from the entire cast was SUPERB! The acting was probably one of the reasons why this drama has stuck with me so long even though I finished it almost a week ago.

The Last Promise (Thai Drama)(Youtube): I made a promise in 2020 that I would watch my first Lakorn in 2021 AND I DID IT! I am so glad that The Last Promise was my first one because I enjoyed it a lot. The lead couple has SIZZLING chemistry and the acting was great. I am a SUCKER for reincarnation dramas. Here is my review of the drama if you want to read more of my thoughts on this drama.

Noble Aspirations II (Cdrama) (VIKI): I liked Season 2 of Noble Aspirations more than Season 1. It was a perfect drama by any means but I had a lot of fun with it. If you are a fan of Xianxia dramas, you should check out both seasons of Noble Aspirations. Here is my review of Season 2.

You Are My Spring (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): I am a HUGE fan of Kim Dong Wook. I wasn't going to watch this drama because the teasers were misleading. Some people who had started it told me to pick it up and I am SO GLAD I DID! I liked this drama a lot. I loved the main couple in this drama and the supporting cast did great too. I always love when there is a little murder mixed into my romance dramas. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TO MUCH MURDER!! I found this drama to be very healing and I loved the messages throughout.

Be Loved in House Special (Tdrama Special) (VIKI): I finished this Taiwanese BL drama last month but there was a special episode that I watched later into the month of August. I wanted this special episode to concentrate on other things such as our main couple and not an old relationship. It was still a fun little episode, just didn't concentrate on what I wanted it too. What we did get of the main couple was very nice though.


For August, 2021, I only dropped 1 drama

Voice 4 (Kdrama): I am a BIG fan of the Voice franchise. I just happened to be watching this drama with other dramas that I rather be watching. So, I kept avoiding this drama to watch those other dramas. The minute I started doing that, that told me to drop it. I might pick this drama back up in October for Halloween or if it is confirmed that we are getting a 5th season. We will see. Season 1 is STILL ONE OF THE BEST KDRAMAS EVER in my opinion and one of my favorites.


I am looking forward to quite a few things in September. I don't know where some of them will end up on streaming sites though. I am happy that I have a range of genres in this list too but we still have a lot of crime/action dramas in this list. It wouldn't be me if my watch list wasn't DOMINATED by crime dramas SO THIS IS ON BRAND FOR ME! 😂

Danger Zone Season 1(Tdrama)(iQIYI): [STARTS SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2021]

This drama starts today AND I AM SO EXCITED!! It is Vic Chou's return to Taiwanese dramas. It really has been too long. Taiwanese dramas have been upping their crime drama game in recent years so I AM SO EXCITED TO WATCH ANOTHER CRIME DRAMA FROM TAIWAN! Now, it already looks like this might have a season 2 according to MDL but that is ok to me. I CAN'T WAIT TO CLICK PLAY!!


I don't know where this will be streaming so if it becomes available somewhere, YOU KNOW I WILL BE CHECKING IT OUT! I like a lot of the actors and actresses in this drama SUCH AS HA JOON! I really hope I get access to this drama because there are a lot of elements of the plot that speak to me. We have murder, framed for murder, secrets, lying and betrayal. the posters for this drama also have been beautiful and has gotten me even more excited for this drama. I hope it is good and I hope I get to watch it.

Forever and Ever(Cdrama)(iQIYI): [RUMORED TO START SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2021]

I am watching One and Only SO OF COURSE I AM GOING TO WATCH THIS! If I have to go through the heartbreak of One and Only, I AM GOING TO NEED FOREVER AND EVER TO COMFORT ME! I am excited to see the happy ending that this couple deserves. I am also a HUGE fan of Allen Ren as I have said before so OF COURSE I am watching all his dramas.

Squid Game(Kdrama)(NETFLIX): [STARTS SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2021]

I mean I enjoyed the Jdrama Alice in Borderland (you can read my review here), So, I think if I liked that drama, I HAVE TO LIKE THIS ONE! This looks dangerous, exciting and FULL OF ACTION! The teasers already have me asking questions and curious about the mystery of it all. I am curious to see how creative the writers/producers can be with this drama. WE GET ALL THE EPISODES AT ONCE SO THIS WILL BE A NICE LITTLE BINGE! (Speaking of Alice in Borderland...SEASON 2 WHEN!?)

The Veil(Kdrama)(VIKI): [STARTS SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2021]

You have to be blind to not see all of the Behind the Scene and SNS photos that have been posted about this drama. Namgoong Min has been promoting this drama by himself with all his photos on his IG 😂. I am ALWAYS down for a spy thriller ESPECIALLY if revenge is involved. I am definitely going to check this one out and see how it is when it premieres.

Double Tap(Cdrama)(WETV): [STARTS SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2021]

Two things caught my eye about this drama. First off, it is a crime drama so I am ALWAYS interested in those. Second, it supposedly is based off real events. That always catches my eye. It is only 12 episodes. None of the shorter episode crime dramas have aired yet this year. They usually air in the summer so maybe this is a sign that fall/winter is when the short episode crime cdrama series will air. I WILL WATCH ALL OF THEM!

Hometown(Kdrama): [STARTS SEPTEMBER 22ND, 2021]

I am actually surprised that this Kdrama is only supposed to have 6 episodes. It probably means we are getting a season 2. I am fine with this as long as the first season is good. I anticipate that I will love this drama because the cast LOOKS AMAZING! There are a lot of talented actors/actresses in the cast. You got a serial murder in a small town. THAT HAS ME WRITTEN ALL OVER IT! I hope we get a streaming site soon so I know where I can watch it.

Bangkok Breaking(Thai Drama)(NETFLIX): [STARTS SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2021]

I saw this drama come up on my Coming Soon page on Netflix. I don't know much about it but it looks interesting. I am always down to check out new dramas. If I don't know much about it, that might be a good thing too. I won't go into the drama with any expectations. I might be surprised that way. I have been looking to watch more Thai dramas of many different genres so this one is DEFINITELY on my list. It is only 6 episodes too.

Innocent(Tdrama): [STARTS SEPTEMBER 24TH, 2021]

I honestly think this drama is in another WRAP-UP post that I wrote earlier this year. I have had my eye on this one for a while so I hope it actually premieres this month. I don't know if I will be able to watch it yet because I need to know where it will air so we will see. I always love a good double personality drama. It always makes it interesting if done right. This synopsis sounds like DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA so if it becomes CRAZY, we know CRAZY IS MY FAVORITE!

I know I have talked about this cdrama previously in another WRAP-UP post so maybe it will air in September. It is rumored to do so. I love republican dramas so I always have my eye on them. I like a lot of the cast in this drama both leads and supporting cast. So, this drama could be a good one. We will have to see if it actually premieres.

This is another cdrama that I have had my eye on for a while. It is only rumored to air this month so we will have to see what happens. I like the idea of a female body guard. I think it is a nice concept. I like strong female characters so I hope this character is strong and a fighter. We will see if this airs this month or not.


It seems like EVERYONE is having a comeback or debuting this month so I am just excited for EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. 😂

Did you complete any dramas in August? What did you like that you completed? What are you looking forward to in September for dramas? What about KPOP - anything you are excited for or are you like me and EXCITED for EVERYTHING!?




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