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I haven't done one of these lists in a LONG TIME! I think the last one I did was my blog post for FAVORITE REINCARNATION DRAMAS. I need to remember to do these type of blog posts more often because I like doing them. I get to talk about the dramas I love when I do these types of blog posts. Doing these types of posts also remind me that I HAVE SO MANY DRAMAS I HAVE NOT SEEN YET! 😂

Just a few reminders before we get to the list for this blog post. I have not seen a TON of BL dramas so, if your favorites aren't on this list, it could be because I have not seen them YET! It could also be that I have seen your favorites but I can't make this blog post A MILLION MILES LONG so I had to pick and choose dramas for this list. If you don't see your favorites, I would love to hear what your favorites are either on my social media or in the comments below. This list is also in NO PARTICULAR ORDER.


This drama may not be my highest rated BL drama but it has a special place in my heart. It also is not explicitly BL because we all know about China and its' restrictions BUT WE WILL TAKE IT! It was one of the first BL dramas I ever watched. I loved everything about it and it is one of the few dramas I have actually re-watched in all the years I have been drama watching. I loved the main leads. Their chemistry was so nice to watch. The two main actors are so talented and great at acting. I loved how their facial expressions and gestures towards each other spoke volumes when the plot couldn't go full BL. I also appreciated the fantasy and crime investigating aspects of the plot in this drama. I am a sucker for both of these genres so it wasn't hard for me to enjoy this drama. Also, the OSTs for this drama will always be some of my favorites OSTs.

As I say with most Japanese dramas I watch, there is just something special and different about the dramas coming out of Japan that you don't find in any other country. I am not sure what that is but I always seem to have this thought when watching a Japanese drama. Cherry Magic was one of the best BL dramas I have ever watched. I am a sucker for office romances so to have it in BL form was a plus. The concept of one of the main characters hearing people's thoughts was always funny. I loved the chemistry with both of the couples in this drama. I love how the characters grew and changed as their relationships progressed. It showed a healthy relationship and you could relate to these characters. Cherry Magic is another drama where I love the OSTs as well.

I mentioned this drama already in my REINCARNATION post but I also have to mention Until We Meet Again in this post. I was VERY emotionally invested in this drama when I watched it. It has AMAZING ACTING! As I mentioned in the reincarnation post, I am a SUCKER for reincarnation stories and Until We Meet Again has one of my favorites. This drama had so many emotional moments and you root for the couples in this drama. I think I binged this drama in a matter of days which tells you how much I loved this drama because I don't binge dramas very often. This drama was just a beautiful story with memorable characters. I definitely re-watch certain scenes sometimes.

This is a fan favorite and one of my favorite BL dramas. Just like Guardian, it is a Chinese drama so it is all implied due to Chinese restrictions but IT IS STILL AN AWESOME DRAMA! The Untamed is an EPIC drama with found family and GREAT characters. You got fighting and magic. The OSTs are FANTASTIC! The leads have ELECTRIC chemistry and are supportive of each other. You feel all the emotions with this drama as well. This drama is also beautiful to watch with its sets, costumes and camera angles. Another drama that made me cry and I was emotionally invested in the story.

This is one of the more recent dramas on this list. I am sure for drama watchers who watch BL dramas, you have seen Semantic Error already or have at least heard of it. I loved the lead couple in this drama. They had great chemistry. It is an easy and fun watch. I noticed the lighting a lot in this drama because it was very nice. The cast acted well in the drama. I loved to see the progression of the relationship from start to finish. I know a lot of people loved this drama when it aired.

A lot of people have not had the chance to watch this drama. I am telling you, if you do have access to this drama - PLEASE GIVE IT A CHANCE! I was surprised with how much I loved this drama. If you are fans of or you notice cinematography in dramas, you will love Blueming. I thought the lead couple has a nice and easy chemistry. It just seemed natural that they got together. This drama just made me smile the entire time I was watching it. It really has become a comfort watch for me. The OSTs are lovely as well.

I loved Manner of Death for many reasons. I loved that you could replace the lead couple with any type of couple and still have an AMAZING drama. It is a crime drama which I always love. It was interesting to watch a BL drama in the context of a crime drama. I loved that the production took a chance with this drama. The story was new, different and refreshing to me. THE LEADS CHEMISTRY WAS OFF THE CHARTS!! I loved watching this couple together and their relationship progress and grow as the drama went on. This is another drama where the cinematography was beautiful. This was just a good and entertaining BL drama for me. You can check out my review of this drama right here.

These are 2 quick movies that I loved. I thought the pacing was good. I loved watching their relationship progress and evolve across both movies. The movies are just sweet so, if you are looking for a quick and sweet movie to watch, I recommend these. The movies are a little slower paced than what you might be used too BUT I think that allows you to appreciate the relationship more.

I liked that this spanned a lifetime. You got to see everything in their couple's relationship from start to finish. I think that gave this drama a more realistic look on the story and life in general. A drama be realistic also allowed the audience to relate to it more. The drama really showed the ups and downs of a relationship. The acting was great with this short drama. The couple had great chemistry as well. It was a lovely short drama to watch.


What are some of your favorite BL dramas?

Did they make my list?

What BL dramas should I check out next?




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