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ONE MORE MONTH LEFT IN 2021! I swear this year has gone by SO FAST but also SO SLOW! I can't believe I have almost done a FULL year's worth of month WRAP UP posts. I can't believe I have done almost a full year of blog posts FOR THAT MATTER!


November was a hard month for me, so I didn't finish all the dramas I wanted too but I still finished a couple. December, hopefully, will have a better outcome for me. What did you guys finish in November 2021? Anything I should add to my watchlist? Anyone else go against the grain during the holidays and watch murder and action dramas version the typical feel-good dramas that are supposed to be watched during the holidays? Nope...Just me then...

Someday or One Day (Tdrama) (VIKI): I KNOW! I should have watched this a LONG time ago. I can see why people have been wanting me to watch it. I loved it. I will admit though, IT WAS REALLY CONFUSING A LOT OF THIS TIME! It was very hard to keep everything straight with this drama. If you want to hear more about my thoughts and opinions on this drama, you can check out my review here.

Moebius: The Veil (Kdrama Special) (VIKI): I only watched these special episodes because I enjoyed The Veil. I liked that these special episodes gave some context to some of the side characters from the main kdrama. The fact that the drama had to make these special episodes may tell you something though.

Hellbound (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): I think I had too high of expectations when I clicked play on this drama. It wasn't bad by ANY MEANS! I just think I was expecting too much from it. I liked the themes that it brought up and examined. I love the idea and concept behind it. I JUST HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS AND NEED MORE! I also didn't like the structure of the drama.

My Sweet Dear (Kdrama) (VIKI): The same thing plagued this Korean BL as with many others. I loved the acting. I liked the chemistry between the leads. The story was the thing that could have been better. A common thing I point out with most of these Korean BL dramas. These dramas need more episodes to tell a more in-depth story. I like that Korea is creating these dramas and putting effort into them but that fact that we want longer dramas says something.

Bite Me (Thai Drama) (VIKI): I wanted this to be better than it was. I loved the chemistry of the couples especially the main couple. The main couple also drove me insane though. The pacing of the drama was not fair to the main couple. Nothing happened for most of the drama until the end and I just felt that it could have been spread out a lot better. I enjoyed the cinematography A LOT and the food porn WAS REAL WITH THIS DRAMA! 😋


I have many dramas that I want to start in December. Let's see how many I actually start though because due to the holidays, I tend to fall behind on my dramas. I AM ALREADY BEHIND AS IT IS!! I do love making these lists though so I will list out what I have my eye on for December anyway.

Who is the Murderer (Cdrama) (iQIYI): [STARTS DECEMBER 5TH, 2021]

I am always excited for a Light On drama. I may have not seen all the ones from 2020 yet and any from 2021 yet BUT THIS ONE IS GOING ON MY LIST TOO. What can I say, I AM A SUCKER FOR CRIME DRAMAS! I am happy that I don't know much about this one either because I can click play with no bias.

Artificial City (Kdrama) (VIKI): [STARTS DECEMBER 8TH, 2021]

This is a makjang so OF COURSE I am looking forward to it. Does it mean that I will be watching multiple cheating makjangs at once if this drama comes to a legal site? ABSOLUTELY! Do I care? Not at all because I like the cast and I am curious about the chemistry of them all together. As we have established multiple times before, you give me murder in anything, I'll PRETTY MUCH check it out - ALWAYS!

Taejong Yi Bang Won (Kdrama) (VIKI): [STARTS DECEMBER 11TH, 2021]

Korea has not released a long for sageuk in A LONG TIME! That will end this month. I am curious about this one because it is a longer Kdrama so I am curious about the story and if it will hold up with 2021. I am also curious because it is supposed be about an actual historical figure in Korean history which I always like learning more about.

Bad and Crazy (Kdrama) (iQIYI): [STARTS DECEMBER 17TH, 2021]

I AM EXCITED FOR EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS DRAMA! I am excited for the cast. I am excited for another crime drama. I am excited for the antics and shenanigans of this drama. This just looks like this will be a lot of fun to watch. I am also curious about the chemistry between Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon. I can see they had fun shooting this drama even from the trailer. As always, it is another crime drama so I am clicking play NO MATTER WHAT!

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): [STARTS DECEMBER 18TH, 2021]

I REALLY HOPE THIS ENDS UP BEING GOOD! I always love a good fantasy drama and this one looks like it might deliver. We also know dramas can fall apart pretty fast so we will have to see. I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO SEE LEE JOON BACK ON MY SCREEN! I get him twice this month!

Moonshine (Kdrama): [STARTS DECEMBER 20TH, 2021]

I loved Lee Hye Ri in My Roommate is a Gumiho which aired earlier this year, so I am excited to watch her in another drama this year. I have a new appreciation for her. I am also excited to FINALLY see Yoo Seung Ho back on my screen after so long. I am excited to see their chemistry through this drama. I hope I legally get access to this one.

Gen Y 2 (Thai Drama): [STARTS DECEMBER 21ST, 2021]

I HAD SO MUCH FUN WATCHING SEASON 1 OF THIS DRAMA IN JANUARY THIS YEAR SO, I AM EXCITED FOR SEASON 2! The amount of twitter interactions I had over this drama WAS HILARIOUS! I hope my ships sail in Season 2 but we will have to see. I am curious if there will be any new couples that pair up in Season 2 as well.

Tinted With You (Kdrama) (VIKI): [STARTS DECEMBER 23RD, 2021]

Another Korean BL, I will always support these. So, I always look forward to the new ones to check them out. This one seems unique, and I love the historical look because we don't get that a lot. I'll be curious to see how I like this one. Mostly new actors in this one as well which I am always a fan of.

The Silent Sea (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): [STARTS DECEMBER 24TH, 2021]

I have been waiting FOREVER for this drama. THE CAST ALONE HAS GOT ME VERY EXCITED FOR THIS! I am trying to not have to high of expectations because sometimes the dramas never meet those expectations. We will just have to see when it premieres BUT I AM TOTALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS ONE! I mean who isn't a fan of Bae Doona and Gong Yoo? Lee Joon is also in it which I will ALWAYS LOVE!


I heard about this cdrama a while ago. So, it has been on my radar for a while. I might have had it on another WRAP POST too. Well, it is rumored to air (AGAIN) in December so, we will see what happens. The synopsis is what is making me excited about this drama. I am unfamiliar with any of the cast. I know the leads but have never watched them in a drama.

Lucky with You (Cdrama) (VIKI): [RUMORED TO AIR IN DECEMBER]

This is another drama that I think I have talked about in a previous WRAP UP post. It is also rumored to air this month so we will see if that ACTUALLY happens. I am excited for the story of this drama. Who doesn't love the idea of a female bodyguard?


I don't even know who is debuting/having a comeback this month BUT I know it is a lot. I will always welcome new music, so I AM EXCITED FOR ALL THE COMEBACKS AND DEBUTS! I want to branch out more into cpop so maybe I will check out some of those groups too. There are also award shows to look forward to this month and January so ALL THE LIVESTAGES FOR US!

Did you complete any dramas in November? What did you like that you completed? What are you looking forward to in December for dramas? Are you looking forward to the same dramas that I am in December? Any movies you are planning on watching? What about KPOP - anything you are excited for or are you like me and EXCITED for EVERYTHING!?






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