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THAI DRAMA REVIEW: The Love Proposal (2022)

The Love Proposal is only my second lakorn I have ever watched. Did I think it was as good as The Last Promise? No but I still was very entertained by this drama. You can read the review of The Last Promise here. I will say I could not stop myself from comparing The Love Proposal a little bit to The Last Promise which I do think clouded my judgement a bit because I love The Last Promise A LOT! I was still pleasantly surprised by The Love Proposal. I clicked play on this drama expecting certain tropes with the story and I was wrong in a good way. I watched this lakorn on Youtube if you want to check this drama out after reading me review.

*Now as per usual with any review I write, I will not be including any spoilers in this review.*

A QUICK SYNOPSIS OF THE LOVE PROPOSAL - Treenut meets Time and they have an instant connection. Time is afraid to tell Treenut how he feels about her due to past relationships. Treenut ends up marrying his brother Touch in order to help out her own family and without knowing Touch was his brother. Touch is gay and needed to get married to help out his family. Now Treenut and Time has to live in agony and try to get over their past relationship for the family. Can they resist their attraction? Can they survive the dangers that they are all put in because of greed, jealousy and the pursuit of power?

Overall, as I said, I was very entertained by this drama. The synopsis above, even though it does hint at some drama, doesn't even touch on how crazy this lakorn gets. I LIVE for that kind of crazy drama which I know lakorns have a reputation for. There are some things I would have changed about this drama. Is any drama perfect though?



This lakorn had multiple couples that were endgame. I LOVE BOTH OF THEM IMENSELY! I rooted for both of the couples throughout the drama. Once I got to the end and knew that these couples ended up together made me very happy. I especially was rooting for the second lead couple in this drama because they just deserved to be together with all they had to go through to get to the end of being together.


The entire cast acted very well in this drama. It had a lot of emotional scenes which the cast exceled at. I had never watched any of these actors/actresses in anything else before this lakorn. I became fans of all of them because of this drama.


Since one of the main leads was gay, THERE WAS NO LOVE TRIANGLE BETWEEN THE MAIN LEADS! That was really refreshing for once. I am not always the biggest fan of love triangles. I loved since there was no love triangle though that the three leads really sort of supported each other. They all had a main goal and wanted to achieve that. It was nice to see this. Yes, there were still secrets and drama but overall, the three leads didn't have much drama between them.


BOTH COUPLES HAD SO MUCH CHEMISTRY IN THIS DRAMA! It is probably why I was rooting for both of these couples so much. On one hand you got Treenut and Time who desperately wanted to be together and be happy. Due to life circumstances and obligations, they had to resist that attraction for the family. THEIR CHEMISTRY TOGETHER WAS SO GOOD! You wanted them to be together because you enjoyed their chemistry. Were they the healthiest couple ever? No, absolutely not - especially in the beginning but it evolved. The second couple, which I won't reveal, because of spoilers, you rooted for them because they deserved a happy ending together with all the horrible things, they had to go through to get to their happy ending.


This lakorn had some really nice twists in it. I love when a drama is unpredictable. You DEFINITELY can't predict some of things that happen in this drama. Just when you thought this drama couldn't throw you another curveball, it does. The story is already steeped in drama and then another layer is added. I don't think it gets as crazy as some other lakorns has but in my opinion, it definitely has some nice surprises.


I loved the brother's relationship in this drama. Since there was no love triangle in this drama, the brothers really supported each other. No matter what happened in the drama, you could just tell that the brother supported and loved each other. That didn't change up to the very end of the drama. The two brothers were just two good guys. It was refreshing to watch.



There were just SO MANY horrible people in this drama. From cousins to mothers to exes, there were just a lot of characters that you wanted to see get what they deserved by the end of this drama. Overall, I think I got to see those satisfying ending BUT MAN, I WANTED TO THROW SOMETHING AT A LOT OF THESE CHARACTERS!


I will say there were times that I did not support the main couple being together even if they had GREAT chemistry. At the beginning of their relationship, ESPECIALLY after Treenut got engaged to Touch, there were some things that Time did that I did not like. Just things he said or ways he acted where I just said, YOU DON'T DESERVE HER! 😂 By the end, they talked it through and it got better but man at the beginning, I was like WOW THEY SHOULD NOT BE TOGETHER!


Even though Touch being gay meant that there was no love triangle, I honestly didn't think the gay storyline was needed. There would have been enough drama and emotion without it. I think the story could have been just as good and still had everything I loved without a character being gay.

Rating: 8.0/10 (Streaming on YOUTUBE now)

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