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2022 IS HERE! I already posted my TOP 11 KOREAN DRAMAS OF 2021 (which you can read here) BUT NOW, LET'S CHECK OUT MY LIST OF MY TOP NON-KOREAN DRAMAS OF 2021!

Just like my top Kdramas of 2021 list, this list is also in no particular order and the dramas are not ranked. The dramas also did not have to air in 2021. I just had to watch them and complete the dramas in 2021 so, multiple dramas on this list are older dramas. I just watched them in 2021. JUST HAVE FUN WITH MY LIST! Let me know if you have seen these dramas, what you thought of them and if you added them to your plan to watch list.


*Now, remember these are in NO PARTICULAR order and not ranked*

Episodes: 10 (VIKI)

This was an unexpected surprise in 2021. This drama just surprised me SO MUCH! I clicked play on it because it was an airing Jdrama which is unique to find. I WAS NOT EXPECTING HOW MUCH KISSING AND SKINSHIP WE GOT IN THIS DRAMA! I mean that is saying something with Jdramas because compared to a lot of other countries' dramas, Jdramas tend to have more of that already. I loved the main couple in this drama and how their relationship progressed. There really is a reason why Jdrama romance dramas are my favorite. They are just so unique and can pleasantly surprise you. I really need to watch more Jdramas in 2022. I am missing out FOR SURE!

Episodes: 12 (iQIYI)

I haven't finished Season 2 yet of this drama, but Season 1 was a highlight of 2021 for me. Some of my favorite non-Korean dramas of 2020 were Taiwanese crime dramas. THEY HAVE REALLY STEPPED UP THEIR GAME IN RECENT YEARS! I was excited for Danger Zone the SECOND it was announced. I was excited for the cast because some of the actors had not been in a Taiwanese drama in a LONG TIME! I mean crime dramas are my favorite, so it is no surprise that I loved this drama. THIS IS A FANTASTIC DRAMA! The acting is memorable. The story is engaging. I can't wait to finish Season 2 and see how it concludes. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DRAMA!

Episodes: 6 (NETFLIX)

This drama was another surprise of 2021. I saw that it was coming to Netflix and that it was a crime drama. I also had wanted to check out other Thai dramas, so this was an easy choice to click play on. I WAS IMPRESSED! Maybe that was because I didn't go in with any expectations. The production value of this drama was SO GOOD! I had never watched any of the actors/actresses in a drama before, so I loved discovering them. The lead actors had GREAT chemistry! I loved that it was so ACTION PACKED and EXCITING! There was just so much going on which made it a heart pounding drama to watch.

Episodes: 30 (VIKI)

I enjoyed this drama a lot. The best part of this drama was the main couple. You watch it for the fluffy, romantic feels. The main couple had great chemistry. I loved that their issues and conflicted never lasted more than a couple of episodes. I loved that both characters grew and matured through the relationship and their experiences. I was very attached to this couple just because they were great together. The plot had a little mystery and intrigue to it. There was also a villain, of course. THE HIGHLIGHT of this drama though and also the focus was the romance and relationship of the main couple and the drama did this quite well.

Episodes: 14 (WETV)

Now, I have not seen many Thai dramas which is why I clicked play on Manner of Death and other Thai dramas in this list. I wanted to check out other genres and stories from the country. It did help that Manner of Death was a crime drama. I LOVED this drama. It was different. It had BEAUTIFUL cinematography. The leads' chemistry was OFF THE CHARTS!! 🔥 The drama was very entertaining. I don't think it needed to be 14 episodes. I loved how ambitious and different this drama was. It was a perfect drama but what drama is?

Noble Aspirations S1 & S2

Episodes: 58 (S1) and 18 (S2) (VIKI and Youtube)

This DEFINITELY was not a perfect drama. Both seasons are older dramas as well. That did not stop me from being thoroughly entertained by these dramas. I enjoyed watching them A LOT! The cast had a lot of talent in it, and I can see why a lot of these actors/actresses are top actors today. THE OSTS ARE SO ADDICTING! I enjoyed parts of Season 1 over Season 2 and I also enjoyed parts of Season 2 over Season 1. EVIL XIAO FAN WAS EVERYTHING!! I highly recommend this drama if you like Xianxia dramas.

Episodes: 24 (iQIYI)

This was my FAVORITE Chinese drama I watched in 2021. THE ACTING WAS PHENOMENAL! The fight scenes were beautifully choreographed and shot. The leads had GREAT chemistry. I am excited to watch Forever and Ever this year because I did not get a chance to watch it in 2021. I will warn that this was a HEARTBREAKING drama. I cried A LOT but that is also why I thought the acting was SO GOOD! I was very invested in the lead's relationship. The drama was so impactful I think because I became so invested in the characters and their stories. THE OSTS ARE SO GOOD! This drama also had my favorite trope in it which is FOUND FAMILY, so I always appreciate that. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DRAMA!

Episodes: 13 (VIKI)

I now know why so many people were telling me to get my butt in gear and WATCH THIS DRAMA! I will say I probably did not love it AS MUCH as everyone who was telling me to watch it, but it still had quite the impact on me. The acting was INCREDIBLE. The OSTs are very memorable. One of the reasons why I think I did not like this drama as much as other people is I WAS SO CONFUSED WATCHING IT! 😂 There was a lot going on and it was hard to keep track BUT PROPS TO THE WRITER BECAUSE IT WAS AN AMAZING PLOT! This drama will definitely stick with me for a while.

Episodes: 36 (VIKI)

This is another drama that did not live up to the hype for me. I liked the first half better than the second half of the drama. It is still one of my favorites of 2021 but definitely not my FAVORITE I watched in 2021. It was still a lot of fun to watch. The leads were great together. The lead actors acted very well. They both portrayed their characters with a unique style that I doubt I can picture anyone else in those roles. The fight scenes were beautifully choreographed. I liked a lot of the side characters and their stories. This drama is an example of a lower budget drama using their resources well. If you are looking for an entertaining watch, I would recommend this one. It is an easy and fast watch.

Episodes: 13 (Youtube)

This was my first Lakorn EVER and I am SO GLAD IT WAS! I was VERY INVESTED IN THIS DRAMA! It was amazing and I loved it. THE MAIN COUPLE HAD SO MUCH CHEMISTRY! You just could not help but root for them. It had everything I wanted in a drama from murder to drama to romance. I think I was so invested in this drama because I was SO INVESTED in the main couple and their relationship. I also am a SUCKER for reincarnation dramas and this one was great with this theme. If you have not tried out a lakorn yet, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE! This was such an ADDICTIVE watch for me. I loved every second of it. This drama also introduced me to Tor so that is a plus.


Just like my Kdrama post, I also have HONORABLE MENTIONS for this post.

Episodes: 12 (iQIYI)

Sometimes the drama might not be THE GREATEST drama ever BUT it was an entertaining experience for you when you watched it. This is the case for me with Gen Y Season 1. I had SO MUCH FUN watching this drama because I was talking to bunch of people about it on Twitter as it aired. Those comments and conversations are what made this drama memorable for me. I loved some couples from this drama, and it introduced me to some new actors I now want to watch more of BUT MAN SOME COUPLES/CHARACTERS DROVE ME (and us) NUTS sometimes.

Episodes: 7 (VIKI)

Japanese drama romances are some of favorites and this drama is no exception. This also has a marriage contract trope which is always a favorite of mine. The amin couple are adorable. It is just an easy and quick watch. I will say the female lead was maybe a little TOO cute for my taste, but the couple were cute together, so it worked out for me. The leads also had GREAT CHEMISTRY! If you are looking for a fluffy and cute drama to watch, pick this one up FOR SURE!

What were your favorite non - Korean dramas of 2021? Did some of your favorite dramas make my list?





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