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Now, that I did my ANTICIPATED NON-KOREAN DRAMAS FOR 2022 (which I have SO MANY MORE DRAMAS I could put on that list), HERE IS MY LIST FOR ANTICIPATED KDRAMAS FOR 2022! I am sure a lot of you are aware but if you are not, I primarily started this blog because I am the blogger for the Kthree Youtube channel where I can gush about EVERYTHING Kdramas over there. I watch all types of dramas, so I wanted a place to gush about all the other dramas I watch. I already did this list over on the Kthree Blog so you should click here and check out that blog post. YOU KNOW WHAT - you should check out all The Kthree content from their Youtube Channel to the blog, the podcast and website. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING! Go and subscribe to the Youtube Channel, newsletter for the blog and the podcast - YOU WON'T REGRET IT!


Quickly a few things, I have no idea if all of these dramas will air in 2022. I will put them on this list because it is rumored, they will air in 2022. I will include premiere dates if I know them, but these are subject to change. I will also include posters if they have released posters already. we will see what happens. This list is in no particular order.

PREMIERE DATE: January 14th, 2022

Criminal Minds is one of my favorite American shows so when it was announced that Through the Darkness was going to be about profiling, THIS HAD TO GO ON MY LIST! I love that it is based off a real-life person and references real crimes. I love when Kdramas do this. A hand full of crime Kdramas have done this in the past and this seems like it will be the same. The cast is a HUGE factor that draws me to this as well. I always love DARK and GRITTY crime dramas.

PREMIERE DATE: February 16th, 2022

Now that I am getting older, I seem to be drawn to romance dramas that feature older couples. Thirty-Nine seems to be doing just that. I like that all 3 women are in their 30s and you get to see how dating in your thirties might be different. I also like romance dramas where we have the potential of multiple couples and love stories. That is ALWAYS fun for me to watch. I like that the 3 main women are friends, so you get romance but also friendship plays out. We LIKE VARIETY IN COUPLES AND PERSONALITIES!

PREMIERE DATE: January 28th, 2022

I AM SO READY TO BINGE THIS!! I am always surprised when I am excited for a zombie drama because if you had asked me like 10 years ago if I would be excited for this type of drama, I would say NO WAY! There is just something different about Korean Zombies man! I still can't handle any other horror from other countries except for Korea. What I am most excited about this drama though is the cast. THE YOUNG CAST IN THIS DRAMA IS JUST SO TALENTED! I have seen them in other dramas, so I am excited to see them once again in this drama and see them act in a genre they have never done before. There are also some other cast members I am new to which I always like because I am introduced to them and can look out for them in future dramas.

PREMIERE DATE: February 21st, 2022

I don't know if you know this about me, but I AM A SUCKER FOR OFFICE ROMANCES! Especially if it has to do with like a CEO and employee or a boss and employee situation. I don't know what it is BUT I JUST LOVE THEM! So, this romance caught my eye RIGHT AWAY when it was announced. You add a potential contract marriage or relationship into the mix AND I AM THERE! I am also a HUGE fan of both Kim Se Jeong and Ahn Hyo Seop so I am excited to see them as a couple. I mean I am even a fan of the actors playing the second couple, so this drama checks a lot of boxes for me.

This was announced in the video that Netflix put out to show what dramas and movies were coming to the platform in 2022. IT LOOKS SO INTERESTING TO ME! I mean the premise gives me mystery, action and a little sci-fi maybe. I am so curious about this drama AND THE CAST LOOKS GREAT!

This was another drama that Netflix announced. I saw the first trailer of the drama and it looks FUN! I am a BIG fan of the 3 leads so that is a plus for me. The fantasy element in dramas always draw me in. I MEAN THIS DRAMA HAS GRIM REAPERS! Who doesn't get interested in it to check it out? There is so many directions you can take this drama, so I just hope it is good. I am trying to not have high expectations.

This drama has been on my radar since it was ANNOUNCED! At this point, I just need it. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS CAST!! I really want to see how they work together. I am ready for a horror, action, fantasy drama. This drama makes me think I should watch The Guest before I watch this one. I HAVE NO IDEA if it will go in that direction but who knows. I AM JUST SO CURIOUS ABOUT THIS DRAMA!


THE MINUTE THIS DRAMA WAS SAID TO BE AN OCN DRAMA I WAS ALL IN! We all know OCN is one of my favorite Korean networks, so I am obligated to watch all OCN dramas. This one sound very interesting and suspenseful. The cast in this one is interesting as well and a draw for me because I have not seen these actors/actresses play these respective roles before so I am curious if they can pull it off. I hope I can access it on a streaming site.

The network released the first teaser during their award show earlier this year. I will admit it was different than what I was expecting. I was not expecting comedy but reading the synopsis I can see why comedy was in the teaser. I like the mystery dynamic of this drama. I like the comedy shown in the trailer. I like that it is somewhat about a cafe as it says in the synopsis. The cast looks like a unique variety of actresses/actors who I never thought I would see acting together but the trailer piqued my interest.

After D.P. from 2021, I WILL WATCH KOO KYO HWAN IN ANYTHING! I just LOVED him in D.P. I have been excited for this drama since it was announced that he would be in the cast. I feel like this drama was MADE for him especially after his quirky role in D.P. I can see him being quirky in this drama as well. You give me like a ghostbusters concept in Kdrama form and I WILL CLICK PLAY ON THAT SO FAST!

A common thing on this list you will find is that I AM A CRIME DRAMA JUNKIE! So, I mostly am excited for crime dramas. The title of this Kdrama first drew my attention because I immediately wanted to know what it was going to be about. Then I read the synopsis and we got detectives in a small town, looking into incidents. I LOVE SMALL TOWN CRIME DRAMAS! This drama was made for me.

Another crime drama that doesn't take place in a small town but one neighborhood. I love when crime dramas isolate their cast, and all mayhem ensues. I also love when the characters trying to solve these crimes are not cops but ordinary people. This has that concept. I think this has come from my love of Murder, She Wrote and Miss Marple growing up. It has transferred to my crime dramas as well.

You don't get a lot of dramas about fire stations or paramedics. I know there have been a few movies with them, but I am interested in this for the fire station/paramedics. I can smell FOUND FAMILY a mile away which I always love. I like the cast so that is a plus as well. I can see it being a mix between crime, action and slice of life so we will have to see what we get.

As I said ABOVE, you give me workplace romance which includes a romance between a boss and employee AND I AM IMMEDIATELY EXCITED! What I love about this drama's synopsis is that it mixes in CRIME! I love crime mixed into my romance as well. I think this drama was written for me. We also know that I love the crazy and this drama just screams that it might be comedic crazy, so I just HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT!

PREMIERE DATE: February 23rd, 2022

If you have read any of my blog posts or watched any videos on the blog socials, you know I LOVE MAKJANG DRAMAS! I love the drama just all of it. Sponsor was supposed to air in 2021 and it got delayed. IT IS FINALLY AIRING! I am ready for the drama and the time I spend yelling at characters I hate on my television. GET READY FOR RANT VIDEOS! 😈

There seems to be a theme in Kdramaland playing out in 2022. I am seeing a couple of upcoming Kdramas that all have to do with magicians. This drama adds a little fantasy and crime into the mix. Two genres that speak my language. I love the 2 leads and I am excited to see them work together. I mean this drama includes ghosts. It just sounds like it will be a fun, comedic time.

I have had my eye on this Kdrama for a LONG time since it was announced. From the comments I have made already in this blog post, fantasy dramas are some of my favorites and I will watch a lot of them. You also have crime involved which also attracts me. The two leads in this drama I ADORE! There is just so much going for this drama that I just get access to it. I think it could have a really unique take on two people having a connection between them.

PREMIERE DATE: February 25th, 2022

I honestly thought that this would be a comedy when I first heard about it. MAN, I WAS WRONG! After watching the trailer, I can't wait to watch this EVEN MORE! 3 reasons why I am excited for this drama. Number 1 - Kim Hye Soo. That is the entire reason. Number 2 - the young cast. As I said above with All of Us Are Dead, I love ensemble cast dramas because I get introduced to other actors/actresses young and old and then can follow them in future dramas and movies. I am excited that this drama will feature some young actors/actresses that I don't think I have seen in another drama before. Number 3 - IT LOOKS LIKE A DARK AND GRITTY CRIME DRAMA WHICH I LOVE!

There is not much on this drama yet. I didn't even know it existed until it came up in the video that Netflix released about what was coming to their platform this year. I just look at the title and think MAKJANG so I am in on that assumption. I could be completely wrong, but I am excited to see a first trailer for this drama. I also LOVE Kim Hee Sun so since she is in this drama, I am clicking play on it. A lot of the other cast members intrigue me as well.

Another one announced in the Netflix video for what is going to be released in 2022. I had no idea about this drama either. Two things are drawing me to this drama. One - KIM WOO BIN IS IN IT!! HE IS COMING BACK TO DRAMA LAND! This isn't the only drama he is expected to be in for 2022 but I am just excited to see his name again. Two - the synopsis of this drama sounds EXCITING! Who wouldn't look forward to a survival/post-apocalyptic drama?


I am positive I have left some off and I am sure more dramas will pop up.

What Kdramas are you excited for 2022?

Did you discover any Kdramas off my list that you are now excited for 2022?




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