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A few MAJOR changes happened in my life this past month. I feel like I did not have time this past month and didn't complete a lot of dramas in March. I feel like I was always behind on everything I was watching and still have that feeling. When I look back on my list though, I completed an average amount of dramas for myself, so I don't know where I am getting this idea.


I feel every month I am saying that life has gotten in the way of my drama watching so far in 2022. I guess my life has had a lot going on since the beginning of the year. Let me tell you, it won't stop being busy either 😂. As I have said, what can you do? At least we have dramas to watch so, I am happy for that. Let's see what I completed and dropped in March.

Reset (Cdrama) (VIKI): This drama came out of NOWHERE due to popularity. SHOUT-OUT to my twitter friend who made me binge this before I started watching any other new dramas. If you like crime dramas, I HIGHLY recommend this drama. It is a WILD ride and is very intense, but it is so easy to binge this drama. The acting was great. It is a real nail bitter where you will need to click play on the next episode right away. You can read more of my thoughts of this drama in my review here.

Juvenile Justice (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): This drama might be tough for some people to watch. It is a DARK crime drama that has violence and since it is all about juveniles, that might be hard to watch as well. IT IS A FANTASTIC DRAMA THOUGH! The acting is phenomenal, and the cases are interesting. If you are a crime drama lover, I recommend this one as well.

Through the Darkness (Kdrama) (VIKI): One of my favorite American crime shows is Criminal Minds so, I was looking forward to Through the Darkness. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! This drama has action, but it is more of a brainy crime drama with INTENSE interrogation scenes. AMAZING acting. Most of the crimes were based off of real serial killers and crimes so, that might be triggering for some people. This drama tells the story of Korea's first profiler. I would watch a second season of this drama if it was ever made.

Semantic Error (Kdrama) (VIKI): If you had to choose one Korean BL drama to watch, I would recommend you watch this one. The cast had great chemistry especially the leads. It was like these roles were MADE for the two lead actors. It was a fun and easy watch. The actors were great in it, and I loved the OSTs. I loved watching the progression of the leads' relationship throughout the drama.

Oh! Boarding House (Kdrama) (VIKI): This BL drama reminded me of an indie version of a sitcom. I loved the co-habitation trope with this drama. I like that it had multiple types of relationships in it. It had the usual tropes but somehow these tropes seemed refreshing with this drama. The leads had great chemistry. This is a cute and easy watch FOR SURE!

First Love Again (Kdrama) (VIKI): You have to love the fact that Korean BL dramas are trying new genres and concepts with their stories. This drama has a reincarnation and multiple lives storyline which was fun and different to watch. At first, I didn't think the acting was very good with episode 1 but as the drama went on, the acting improved. I was pleasantly surprised by the drama.

In Your Heart (Cdrama) (VIKI): I was enjoying this drama for what it was and then the last episode happened. It just made me mad! So, I would not recommend this drama BUT you have to appreciate that this was an ACTUAL Chinese BL drama. I wish it had turned out better and the last episode didn't exist. The leads were good and cute together. This could have been very good but man that last episode just ruined it for me for multiple reasons.


I dropped quite a few dramas in the month of March. I want to enjoy what I am watching so, if I am not enjoying it, THEN I WILL DROP IT! I have gotten a lot better with dropping dramas but there is always room for improvement.

For March 2022, I dropped 3 dramas

Thirty-Nine (Kdrama) - This drama just turned out to be a completely different drama than what I was expecting it be. I tried to stick with it, but I just found that it got harder and harder to click on the next episode. I wasn't expecting it to be so sad and it wasn't what I wanted to be watching.

Forecasting Love and Weather (Kdrama) - This is another drama that I did not get what I was expecting. The writer decided to go around in circles with some of the story and eventually it just got too much for me. I also wanted more weather stuff, but I should have known that was not going to be a focal point of this drama so, that was my mistake.

Sponsor (Kdrama) - I watched episode 1 and I was just not impressed so, I didn't want to continue the drama and click play on episode 2.


I want to say that I don't have many dramas that I am looking forward to in April BUT I know that will turn out to be a lie once I write them in this blog post. I always seem to start the month, not interested in much especially if there has been no premiere date or streaming site announced and then by the end of the month, I have start SO MANY MORE dramas than I thought I would. April, again, has some life events within it that might affect my drama watching but WE WILL SEE!

Tomorrow (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): [PREMIERES APRIL 1ST, 2022]

This drama was supposed to air in March and got delayed. So, I am just going to repeat what I said in March: "WE GOT GRIM REAPERS! WE GOT GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE IN SUITS! WE GOT PINK HAIRED KIM HEE SUN! There is a lot in this drama to look forward too. I love fantasy, supernatural dramas so, this one is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!! I hope it is a lot of fun to watch. I can already see a potential FOUND FAMILY happening."

KinnPorsche (Thai drama) (iQIYI): [PREMIERES APRIL 2ND, 2022]

I would normally wait for this to finish airing before I started it BUT I know it is highly anticipated. I am worried that if I wait, I will be spoiled. So, I GUESS I am watching this drama as it airs. I am excited for the chemistry with the leads. I like the aspect of the bodyguard trope and the fact that the drama takes place within the mafia. I always like when BL dramas explore new stories and genres.

Again My Life (Kdrama) (VIKI): [PREMIERES APRIL 8TH, 2022]

This drama seems to have a lot of things I like. A little crime, a little fantasy, a little reincarnation and LOTS OF FIGHTING! I hope it is good. I will definitely be checking it out because we all know this genre is one, I gravitate too. WE ALSO LOVE A GOOD OLD FASHION REVENGE STORY!

Sh**ting Stars (Kdrama) (VIKI): [PREMIERES APRIL 22ND, 2022]

I am going to try this drama out. WHO KNOWS if I will stick with it. Romantic comedies and I don't always get along. If it isn't working for me, I will drop it. I feel like I need a romantic comedy to counter all the dark crime dramas I will be watching. I GUESS WE WILL WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS! Usually straight up romantic comedies don't work for me but I have found a few I like.

Showtime Begins (Kdrama) (VIKI): [PREMIERES APRIL 23RD, 2022]

Another drama where a lot of the synopsis has aspects that I usually like in a drama. I read some of these synopses and just think "check, it has this and check it has that". Showtime Begins has crime. Showtime Begins has fantasy and supernatural elements. It looks like it might be a comedy mixed with all of these genres. It is written by the same writer who did Mystic Pop-Up Bar WHICH I LOVED! There is a lot that I see that I might like about this drama.

Link: Eat, Love Die (Kdrama): [PREMIERES APRIL 25TH, 2022]

This drama may have a premiere date but has no teasers and posters yet. Some of the cast has also gotten COVID so it might be delayed BUT WE WILL SEE! I have been excited for this one since it was announced. I LOVE THE 2 LEADS! Again, another drama that has a little bit of everything from crime to fantasy to supernatural. I hope this one ends up on a streaming site somewhere when it does air because I will be sad if it doesn't.

The Killer's Shopping List (Kdrama): [PREMIERES APRIL 27TH, 2022]

THIS ONE JUST LOOKS SO FUN! It has crime SO, OF COURSE IT WOULD BE ON MY RADAR. It is also a shorter drama. We will see if I get access to it or not. I hope it is as funny as it looks like it will be. I am a sucker for those types of crime dramas where ordinary people try to figure out the crime and this one is JUST THAT!

Monstrous (Kdrama): [PREMIERES APRIL 29TH, 2022]

Ever since this drama was announced, I have had my eye out for it. I hope it is not too scary for me because I want to watch it. At first, I thought it would be another zombie drama but no, it doesn't seem like that will be the case. THIS MAKES ME EVEN MORE SERIOUS ABOUT IT! I want to know why it is supernatural and what that means. I ALSO LOVE KOO KYO HWAN so that is a major draw for me to this drama. I hope I get access to this drama on a streaming site.

Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 5 (Jdrama) (Disney +): [PREMIERES APRIL 24TH, 2022]

Literally this drama is one this list for 2 reasons. ONE, it is a Japanese drama, and it is rare to get access to Japanese dramas so, Japanese dramas will always be on my list. It is getting easier and easier to get access to Japanese drama but I am always on the lookout for more. SECOND, it SUPPOSEDLY is being released INTERNATIONALLY on Disney + so we will have to see if that actually happens. I AM PRAYING IT DOES! We will have to see what INTERNATIONALLY really means because so far with Disney +, it has not meant what the audience thinks it does. I have not seen any of the series before this but it is a crime drama which I am always down to watch.

The Blue Whisper Prt. 2 (Cdrama): [PREMIERES APRIL 16TH, 2022]

I have yet to watch Season 1 of this drama because it is nowhere to be found legally internationally. Rumor is that Part 2 will be released in April. I JUST NEED ACCESS TO THIS DRAMA! I mean I LOVE Ren Jia Lun so that is why. I have been waiting FOREVER for this drama so, it is a CRIME that I can't watch it.

He's Expecting (Jdrama) (NETFLIX): [PREMIERES APRIL 21ST, 2022]

I just NEED to check this drama out. IT HAS SUCH A CRAZY CONCEPT! 😂 I have seen the male lead in other dramas, and I like him. I AM JUST SO CURIOUS ABOUT THIS DRAMA! How is this drama going to take this concept and turn it on its head? Is it going to be good? You know it will attack societal issues WHICH I ALWAYS LOVE ABOUT JDRAMAS! So, I am definitely checking this one out.

AS I SAID EARLIER, this list is A LOT LONGER than expected for April 😂

What dramas did you start in March? Did you complete any dramas in March? What did you like that you completed? What are you looking forward to in April for dramas? Anything I missed and need to add to my list?




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