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I hope that since I do this post once a month, you as my readers find some AMAZING new music and artists to check out and listen too. I try to add in artists/songs/albums that you might not have heard about before. You know - EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS!

Brave Girls - ROLLIN - I AM SO GLAD THIS SONG AND THIS GROUP IS GETTING THE ATTENTION THEY DESERVE! If you don't know this group or song - GO LISTEN TO IT! This song went viral in South Korea this week AND I AM SO HAPPY! I remember LOVING this song when it was first released 4 years ago. I have liked this group since their debut so I hope to get more songs from them in 2021. I have loved see all the news and interviews with them over the last week due to the popularity with this song. I am just so happy for them! Because of this song going viral, I have added it back into my playlist and have been listening to it ON REPEAT! IT STILL IS AN ADDICTIVE SONG, EVEN 4 YEARS LATER!

SHINee - Don't Call Me ENTIRE ALBUM - Due to my earlier post about SHINee (you can read it here), it is NO SURPRISE that I LOVE THIS ENTIRE ALBUM! I love that we have gotten a new sound from them but it also sounds A LOT LIKE SHINEE TOO! SHINee is known for their experimentation and this album is no different.

BDC - The Intersection: Discovery EP - BDC is a newer group. They have only been around for a little over a year. This new album IS SO GOOD! I love that you get variety in only 4 songs. They have an addictive sound and ARE JUST SO TALENTED! They are unique because they only have 3 members. Chemical, a B-side, off this album is probably my favorite song off the album but I LOVE ALL THE SONGS! BDC's mvs are also REALLY NICE TO WATCH TOO!

ATEEZ - Take Me Home - What can I say about ATEEZ? They consistently release good music and this new album is no different. I LOVE TAKE ME HOME OFF THIS NEW ALBUM! I am addicted to this song and I am listening to it on repeat ALL THE TIME! I think it just shows YET ANOTHER side of them. I love that with every album, they experiment and are constantly changing. It makes us excited for their next release while enjoying EVERY SONG THEY HAVE RELEASED SO FAR!

WayV - All for Love - WAYV IS BACK AGAIN! All for Love is a B-side off this new album and MY FAVORITE SONG OF THE ALBUM! I love that WayV still has the NCT sound but also has their own sound. I love the vocals in WayV and I really think this new album SHOWS THE VOCALS OFF SO MUCH! All for Love has an instrumental that was made for me to love it instantly, that sort of electronic sound but also just something that makes you want to dance immediately - especially when it is the chorus.

Chan - ANYMORE/Answer Me songs - Chan is a solo artist that I have recently found AND I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID! I love that I am subscribed to some random kpop YouTube channels that show music videos because I find new music and artists all the time because of those channels. Chan has like an R&B, indie sound which I am a sucker for! I love that he has minimal instrumentals in his verses but then during the chorus it swells with bass and more instruments. I can't wait to see what he releases in the future.

Eldon - Do monsters love too? ENTIRE ALBUM - I found Eldon in 2020. He is another indie artist that I found through YouTube. I love how smooth his voice is. His videos ARE A LOT OF FUN TO WATCH! He is just such a creative artist and shows that through his music. His voice stands out in his song and he can do many different types of genres like Jazz and R&B. I always look out for new music from him.

VeriVery - Get Away - VeriVery coming back with a more mature concept AND WE LOVE TO SEE IT! This group has just grown so much since debut, YES, I have been listening to VeriVery since debut. I love that they grow with each comeback AND THEIR MUSIC VIDEOS ARE ALWAYS SO CREATIVE AND FUN TO WATCH! They are known for their synchronized dancing and it shows again with this new release. I think their vocals are the star of this song. I think VeriVery played around a lot with runs and range in their voices in this song AND I LOVE IT!

Ghost9 - NOW: Where we are, here ENTIRE ALBUM - Ghost9 is another newer group who I have come to like a lot. I know I have included this group in other "MY PLAYLIST" posts in the past. I just look forward to each comeback with this group. Their mvs are always high quality AND THEY ARE SO TALENTED! This title track Seoul shows off their vocals SO WELL! I love the pre-chorus and chorus in the song. If you are looking to expand your horizons and check out new groups CHECK OUT THIS GROUP! I have had this album on repeat all day as I write this post because it was released today.

VINCIT - Wavy Flame - I found VINCIT some time last year. I love bands so OF COURSE I was going to check this band out. What is EVEN BETTER about this band is that it has a female singer. I LOVE A FEMALE SINGER FOR A BAND. Wavy Flame is their newest release. THE GUITAR IN THIS SONG IS EVERYTHING! I love the guitar solo in this song and the singer's voice SOUNDS GREAT WITH THE GUITAR!

PIXY - Wings - This is a newly debut girl group. I am addicted to this debut song Wings. I love that they went with a dark concept but also have these beautiful vocals in it. THE RAPPERS IN THIS GROUP ARE INSANE!! Rappers are my weakness so I will probably end up biasing one of them. Just the contrast between parts of this song going from soft to THIS HARD CHORUS is just so interesting! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE WHAT THEY RELEASE NEXT!

Demian - LOVE% (feat. DAWN) - Demian is back again so YOU KNOW HE IS ON THIS LIST! Demian is one of my favorite soloists. Any time he releases new music, I immediately listen to it non-stop. This song is NO DIFFERENT! Demian's falsetto and lower register in this song IS JUST SO GOOD! Every time this artist releases new music, he comes out with a new side of him. You can tell that he has a heavy hand in his music and likes to experiment. If you have not read my "SPOTLIGHT" post on Demian, you can read it here.

What have you been listening too recently? Anything that I should check out or add to my playlists? Did you find any songs/albums from this post that you are going to check out?




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